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100 Word Challenge wk #7’18

Walking down the steep ancient steps towards the principal office, my nerves began to rise by the second. Behind me I could hear the sounds of children chanting and cheering, I knew that when I got back I would be teased badly. I knock three times on the principals door. I could hear distance chatter from our classroom. As the old clunky door began to open the chatter came to a halt. I peered up at our old principal, she glared right back down at me and as the door slammed, I knew I was in for the long hall.

100 Word Challenge wk #6’18

Rosa Parkvale, aged 14 has just admitted to federal agents that she took a part in the under taking in which killed 17 year old Jeff Davidson, by the towns  local pond on Monday the 31st of July.  ” My intensions were never to kill Jeff, he was my best friend. We lived next door to each other, I helped him with the farm each day. If I could go back I would, I would change everything. But I can’t go back and thats life.” stated Parkvale. Authority’s are searching the scene of the crime for any further evidence regarding the other culprits.

100 Word Challenge wk#3’18

Professor Vanderwal stood slumped against the rivers edge. His eyes were transfixed on the slightly tinted purple crocodile, which was coming towards him at a tremendously difficult pace. I began to fear for the professor as the crocodile began to get closer and closer by the second. But the poor old Professor just seemed to just stand there with no knowledge of the creature that was coming towards him.  All of a sudden the river bead began to fold heading in a very twisted way right at the the crocodile. I guess it was the Professor Vanderwal’s very lucky day.  .

100 Word Challenge wk #2’18

I stared across the lilac blue lake, dreaming of picture perfect setting somewhere deep in the rain forest of India. BANG! I heard a distance shatter and a thousands more voices screaming. I scrambled to my feet and raced off in the direction of the  violent screams. The screams began to get louder as I reached the village hall. I pushed my way to the front of the crowd, to find a broken glass light with mini people and sweets trickling out of the half broken lid. I froze. I wanted to help.  But I didn’t know what to do…

100 Word Challenge wk #1’18 so, what lies ahead of

My hair stood on end, a shiver raced down my spine and a lump came to my throat. It was him, David Vongetti.  As he began his faithful steps towards me, I began to shake violently like a loose cannon that was about to explode. His legs were trembling, like he was afraid to see me! Suddenly my head started buzzing as I began to see stars. Waking up in a light wait coffin was not on my to do list this summer. I could hear old and ancient voices speaking out side.  ” Aha so, what lies ahead of her’.

100 Word Challenge wk #47

A shrill cry echoed in the mist.  By just taking one step forward  I felt transfixed in the world ahead of me. My mind focused on the path ahead. It wouldn’t let my body think straight even stepping over a giant brown foot print would pass. I didn’t even look back. My body couldn’t turn around, I mean it could barely go forward! My body started to shake vigorously, I thought it would stop soon but it keep going, it even felt like it was getting worse by the second. I finally lost control of my body, collapsing…

The End

100 Word Challenge wk #45

Three of us. We were the only ones, the only ones to make it to the island. I fell to the floor my legs collapsed beneath me. My arms wrapped around my head as tears slowly started to form down my pale cheeks. Crack! My body bounced back up, wiping the tears from my face I instantly noticed something was wrong. Crack! I spun around to find a man eating tornado staring me dead in the eye. As it came rushing towards us we took a split second to long to react. As Its massive wide mouth took us whole.



100 Word Challenge #43

Icy fingers gripped my arm in the darkness. I fell to the floor, landing on a scarlet red cushion. ” Who’s there?!” I screamed. No answer. My sweaty palms began to clump together. I then felt an icy cold substance being poured over me. I instantly knew I had been watered over with a Coca-Cola. In the distance I could hear a  violin been played. I was a composer, so hearing that sound to be honest, was just plain annoying. I began to be dragged across the cold slippery floor and into a what seemed to be a ice cream truck?

100 Word Challenge WK 41

I stared. My eyes dead set on the screen in front of me. My legs were shaking ; my arms tingling, when all of a sudden the monster sent a hand out to us. It sent a shiver through the audience. My popcorn scattered over at least four rows, maybe even more. I could care less. My mind was fixed on the scene above. As the movie came to a abrupt end, I could feel the heat of angry faces staring at me as they suddenly realized how much popcorn was actually on them. I loved every second of the movie!

100 Word Challenge wk9 #37

It was a peaceful Sunday afternoon on the west shore just north of Nelson. I wanted to watch the blissful sun fall down between the sky line. But then the weather changed dramatically, the skies began to fold over with grey clouds. I started to feel the lush water slowly drip down my heated face. I stood up and began to pack; my heart sank as I realized my dream of watching the sunset began to fade away. I sprinted towards my blue Toyota Corolla. I jumped in- tears started filling up in my eyes as I slowly drove away.

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